You have a set time to get back to your reality. You’ll find hints, clues and traps – it’s up to you to find the way out. But time passes and the minutes go up in smoke quickly. The cell you are trapped in has only one way out, but opening it won’t be child’s play! Remember to show up on time on the day of your reservation!

Reserve in Roma

Reserve Classic Room

Via Graziano 36/a

Suddenly, in the dead of night, you find yourselves trapped in what seems to be an abandoned basement. What are you doing here? Who locked you in this awful place, and what do they want from you? You might not want to find out… You have to escape, and there' s a timer marking the time: 1 hour. Just 60 minutes to get out, but how? There are dozens of locks, combinations, keys, enigmas... So what's the solution? You'll have to search all over for it. Observation, collaboration, logic and cleverness are what you'll need. It's all in your minds, so think, imagine, experiment, try... Others have made it... What about you? Will you make it, too?

The cost of the game is €60 per team of 2/6 people.

Reserve Extended Room

Via dei Fontej 18 (Metro A Numidio Quadrato)

Trapped in the cellars of an abandoned building. Wardrobes and trunks filled with strange - seemingly useless - items. But, come to think of it… They might be hiding something, they might be the elements you'll need to reconstruct the plan devised by the crazy mind that has locked you up. Don't overlook anything, work together, observe, memorize, analyze and elaborate the information scattered throughout the room. It's your only hope of escaping... And remember, you have just 1 hour!

The cost of the game is €60 per team of 2/6 people.